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Every musician, professional or amateur, likes to play in front of a live audience.  However, not all of us have the opportunity to play in a band or have a regular gig to satisfy our selfish need for attention.  An Open Mic appearance may be the answer you've been looking for all along.

It just so happens that we host regular Acoustic Open Mic Nights in Rockdale County just east of Atlanta.  Whether you are just coming out of the closet, testing out new material or honing your live performance skills, we've got the forum for you.  Check out the site then come join us in person for an evening of fun and music.  We look forward to it. Check out the Open Mic FAQ and Open Mic Tips.

Spring Shootout 2014 Results

Open Mic Spring Shootout 2014 Best Ever. On WEDNESDAY, August 6, 2014 at 7pm the best of local musicians performed in front of the judges for $600.00 1st Place prize in the Grand Finale' Congratulations to our first place winner Josh Leonard and our second place winners Dane & Flint. Jesse Cherette won recognition for his great third place performance.

Weekly 1st Place finishers earned a guaranteed position in the grand finale': Alan Young, Josh Leonard, Denver Shellnutt, Lea Scott, Chris Dibble, Russell McWilliams, Anthony Brown, Jesse Cherette, Jantzen Knight, Hugh Ford, Jake Harbor, Novis (Matt & Travis), Dane & Flint, J Gus.

2nd Place Qualifiers were: Chris Brant , Brent & Sam, Exit 90, Ryan Martin, Chris Johnson, Al Chapar, Mike & Lizzy, Brandon Hughes, Eddie Hinton, Sophie Chapar, Zach Best, Matt Deakin.

Each competitor performed two songs each round. Independent judges carefully evaluated our performers.

 Spring Shoot Out 2013 - Final Results

The Grand Finale of the spring shootout 2013 was one of the best ever.

Congratulations are due to all of the performers. They were at the absolute top of their games.  A variety of strengths was on display. Some performers offered especially stunning vocals, others showed special instrumental talent, and others were true crowd pleasers.  The four independent judges had a very difficult job.

Special congratulations go to first-place finisher Gabe Long, and runner-up Josh Leonard.


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